Emprise Contract Manager Honoured at BIFM Awards

Cova Montes, Emprise Contract Manager at the National Theatre Highly Commended in Manager of the Year Category

Cova Montes
Cova Montes (pictured right) has worked for Emprise for over 10 years and is recognised as one of our outstanding managers. A successful nomination for 2016 BIFM Awards saw Cova as one of the finalist in the Manager of the Year category and she went on to receive the ‘Highly Commended’ award on the night.

This is a testament to the Emprise PRIDE values (Passion, Respect, Integrity, Delivery and Expertise) Cova demonstrates every day as her passion for her role is openly acknowledged by her peers. The respect she has for her clients, along with never failing to deliver an outstanding service, helps her to ensure that the client receives the best value at all times. Cova’s loyal team work with her to ensure that every customer visiting the National Theatre, has a great experience.

Cova joined Emprise head office support team as a Contract Administrator and through her continued hard work and tenacity has progressed to undertake a variety of roles with Emprise’s most prestigious contracts, namely her current role as Contract manager at the National Theatre. More recently, Cova has been made Contract Manager at VIACOM/MTV, where she has she has quickly embraced this challenge and is already having a positive impact at VIACOM’s head office in Camden. This is to give her the necessary tools and experience she needs to continue to progress within our business.

Never satisfied with her level of expertise, Cova is always looking to develop her own knowledge and skills and currently she is working towards her Level 4 BIFM Certification and this qualification will ensure her personal development and career progression continues to go from strength to strength.
To encourage her development, Emprise provide Cova with regular support and guidance but also give her the freedom to run the account using her own vision for what works best. One of Cova’s great assets is she speaks fluent Spanish and, with the help of her assistant manager, they can communicate in English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German and Polish, which is particularly important within her diverse team.

The contract’s performance is continually monitored to ensure the service provided is constantly improving and to understand how the environment had changed, following challenges faced during the National Theatre Future project. The National Theatre Future project, was a £82 million redevelopment project which transformed the building affecting front and back of house. Cova created a housekeeping survey to ensure that the solutions mirrored the requirements at all times. The feedback from the survey has ensured that Cova and her team have kept on top of the requirements at all times especially as the Client’s needs have become more complex in order to offer a more rewarding experience to their audiences.

Duncan Watt, Facilities Manager at the National Theatre, stated that Cova is by far the best contract manager he has worked alongside. “She has an inherent understanding of customer service and of the challenges that we face,” he says.

Cova’s passion is obvious and is reflected in both her hands-on approach and her commitment to her team and the role she does. She said: “Being at the BIFM Awards 2016 ceremony was an amazing experience. I was already very happy to be one of the finalists in the Manager of the Year category. Being ‘highly commended’ by the judges makes me so proud and I am grateful for the recognition from the British Institute of Facilities Management.”