Here’s what our customers think about us:


Pure Gym

“Emprise provides Pure Gym with a very consistent service across our estate and has been working with us for over four years now and has really helped us in changing the perception of low cost gyms in the market place. People expected low cost gyms to be low quality with dirty and grubby facilities but Emprise prove that is not the case. Our members are extremely impressed by our standards especially from a cleanliness point of view and I can honestly say I have not had a major complaint relating to cleanliness. The Emprise staff are always willing to help out in other areas when needed and always provide an exceptional cleaning service which emphasises the importance of a solid partnership. I would highly recommend Emprise as a cleaning services provider.”

Jacques De Bruin, Chief Operating Officer 


The National Theatre

“I have worked closely with Emprise since taking over management of the cleaning contract. They have proved they can manage a challenging site with skill and expertise. We have recently gone through a venue wide re-development with our NT Future project which has required a significant amount of flexibility on the part of Emprise. Their onsite team have risen to the challenge enabling us to provide a welcoming and clean venue.”

Duncan Watt, Head of Building Operations


The British Library

“Emprise provides The British Library with cleaning and waste management services at both their sites in Central London and in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. For over ten years they have provided a high quality, cost effective service. Emprise continues to be highly innovative and provide the library with some cost effective cleaning solutions that also improve efficiency. Both Emprise and the British Library are committed to sustainable practice and this is demonstrated by their recent PFM award for partners in sustainability. The library has worked successfully with Emprise for a number of years and looks forward to our continuing relationship.”

Ian Goadsby, Facilities Manager


Make Architects

“We’ve worked with Emprise for several years now and hope to do so for many more. Peter, our extraordinary doorman and concierge, is crucial to the way we meet and greet clients and introduce them to Make. We’re completely confident in his ability to make a great first impression. He also effortlessly handles all deliveries and works with reception to provide a seamless front-of-house service – and always with a smile on his face! Syed, our night doorman, is similarly brilliant and helps us maintain a 24-hour business where anyone working late or on their own feels at ease. The team is headed up by Mike, a manager whose dedication knows no bounds, even if it means turning up at 3am to make sure everything’s OK.”

Vivienne Greenaway, Senior Facilities Manager